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Welcome to the ClearDATA customer documentation.  Our solutions help healthcare and life science companies safely innovate with a wide range of cloud services.

ClearDATA ComplyTM

The ClearDATA ComplyTM product deploys many advanced security and compliance services to simplify management of public cloud environments while helping you maintain compliance with many regulations, e.g., HIPAA GDPR, HIPAA, SOC2, GxP.

ClearDATA ComplyTM with Healthcare Managed Services

ClearDATA ComplyTM with Healthcare Managed Services  includes our software platform, software support and platinum tier of healthcare managed services. The Software platform includes automated safeguards for various cloud providers such as AWS, Azure and GCP as described below . Additionally platinum managed services are described here.

ClearDATA ComplyTM when Self-service

The ClearDATA ComplyTM can also be used without our Healthcare Managed Services (i.e., in a Self-service fashion) and includes our self-service software platform that allows deploying selected compliance services and software support as described below.  

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