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Our ClearDATA Solution for AWS allows healthcare and life science organizations to innovate safely in the cloud by leveraging our Automated Safeguards and additional guidance covering commonly used AWS products.

Automated Safeguards

Our safeguards ensure Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations can use native AWS cloud services in a safe and compliant manner, as introduced in our CTO Matt Ferrari's blog post

AWS Services

ClearDATA provides access to AWS services that can be used to host and process PHI through a defined set of controls for each service.  See AWS Compliance Reference for a list of all available services.

Automated Safeguards Evaluation & Remediation

ClearDATA Automated Safeguards perform an automated remediation to either fix a violation, or remove the offending service to ensure there is no compliance concerns.  The remediation actions are unique to each Automated Safeguard and documented within each Automated Safeguard detailed page.  Alerts are sent to a common SNS topic in each account and region.  ClearDATA recommends that customers subscribe to each SNS topic to receive alerts of non-compliant resources.

Platform Features

ClearDATA Solution for AWS also includes features for customers to take advantage of that are focused on helping our customers effectively consume the AWS platform.  Click on the Feature Name for more information.

Feature NameAWS TechnologyQuick DescriptionBlog Post
Custom AMIAmazon Machine ImagesSupplements our EC2 Safeguards by allowing customers to create their own images

“Have It Your Way” With AMI Customization