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Welcome to the ClearDATA customer documentation for Azure.  Our solutions help healthcare and life science companies safely innovate with Azure's wide range of cloud services.At a high level, ClearDATA allows for our automation to run securely on your Azure subscriptions using Automated Safeguards. Our access model also allows us to securely access and support your Azure subscriptions and collect inventory information which is reported on our Compliance Dashboard.

ClearDATA's platform handles all of the security and compliance aspects of running healthcare applications in the Azure cloud. This is done via ClearDATA's self service and managed services model. Self service allows companies to iterate at scale. Managed services help customers who are new to the cloud and need operational assistance. No matter which model you use you can take a look at our Compliance Reference to see precisely what ClearDATA controls are checking and what they are remediating. For customers who would like to accelerate their cloud adoption, ClearDATA offers professional services to come in and engage with your company for a more focused endeavor.


Develop a deep understanding of the ClearDATA Azure Platform.